Saturday, June 21, 2014

Local book published recently: Treasure: Orion's Legacy (Volume 1) by William H. Combs

     Star Trek, 2001 A Space Odyssey, ET and Star Wars are all fictional examples of space exploration and encounters that entertain and stimulate our imagination. The legacy of this genre is further enhanced by the author William Combs. In his story, Treasure: Orion's Legacy, William takes us on a compelling space adventure with the main character Bob Collins. 
     Written in an easy to read style, William's book is full of astrophysics what ifs, techno wonders, and aliens. Imagine if you can, being placed in "Balanced Suspension", a form of long term hibernation where the body neither ages nor dies; using advanced medical science to reduce age by genetic manipulation; and using host DNA to create exact body parts with no rejection. This makes possible the ability to increase life spans, not by years or decades, but by centuries. The use of artificial intelligence, (AI), will manage space travel and perform all manner of functions to meet human needs. BOTS as automated tools can carry out repetitive and mundane tasks. 
     In Williams story, travel in our current dimension is only possible at about 85% light speed. However, with 26 known dimensions, several of these are not subject to the limits of light speed. Thus it becomes possible to travel 40.9 light years, or 245.4 trillion miles in 24 earth hours. Applying advanced manipulation of gravity wells will make "normal" movement sensations possible during extremely fast space travel. With hundreds of known nearby stars similar to our sun, there are several containing habitable planets for dispersing earth's crowded population. All of this scientific wonder is wrapped around a love story with devotion to spouse and family. 
     William Combs imagines a better life for all mankind, not just the privileged few, in our world and worlds to come. The benevolent use of advanced scientific knowledge will reduce ignorance, violence, poverty and suffering for all mankind. Phil Eagon. Friend.

About the author:

If you visit Walla Walla, Washington and stop to buy gas at Main Street Conoco, chances are you'll meet me, William Combs. I've worked here for 24 years and I'm well known in my community. If I'm not working on a car or pumping gas, I'll be reading a book. I love the written word. My favorite genre's are Science Fiction, Westerns, Action/Adventures and World War II Aviation History. I am 60 years old and the father of three grown daughters who I am very proud of. They are the joy of my life. I came from a large family and have 5 sisters scattered across the United States. As a hobby I build and fly radio controlled model airplanes. Prior to becoming a mechanic, I worked in the medical field as an emergency room technician at a major trauma medical center in Southern California. I am a former Boy Scout, 1/4 mile Drag Racer and Civil Air Patrol member. One last thing, Chevy's Rule.

Earthlight Books is located across the street and one door down on Main from Combs' Conoco service station. He has been our mechanic for many years now and we are proud to carry his book!

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