Thursday, May 12, 2011

No More Nuclear Waste @ Hanford & The End of Nuclear

Hanford No Place for Nuclear Waste, Article from May of 2010 in the Spokesman Review:


To protect the Columbia River and
public health, Washington state
should join in requiring the Department of Energy to:
• Remove the wastes from leaky
single-shell tanks as fast as possible
– and not delay emptying tanks until
• Clean up, not cap and cover up,
contamination spreading from tank
leaks and discharges.
• Clean up, not cover up, the 40
miles of unlined burial grounds
• Withdraw the decisions to use
Hanford as a national radioactive
waste dump.

The End of Nuclear -


New Worldwatch Institute Report, Timed in Conjunction with Chernobyl Anniversary, Shows Nuclear Industry Was in Decline Even Before Fukushima

Washington, D.C.—Even before the disaster in Fukushima, the world’s nuclear industry was in clear decline, according to a new report from the Worldwatch Institute. The report, which Worldwatch commissioned months before the Fukushima crisis began, paints a bleak picture of an aging industry unable to keep pace with its renewable energy competitors.

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