Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Strategic Bookselling with David Gregor

This past weekend we were proud to sponsor one of our favorite sellers, David Gregor of Gregor Books, who conducted a day-long workshop on Strategic Bookselling.

What’s “Strategic Bookselling,” you ask? To truly get an answer to this, you need to take David’s workshop – but in a nutshell, it’s learning how to sell books – professionally, strategically and successfully.

Strategic Bookselling by Dave Gregor

Seats were limited for this popular workshop to sell books strategically - as a business.

David started with a proclamation that I thought rang particularly true:

  • If you are selling books as a hobbyist, then your focus is all about YOU.
  • If you are selling books as a business person, then your focus has to be all about THE CUSTOMER.

There’s room in the market for both, of course – Alibris has many sellers who are just clearing out some extra books from their closet, or selling back some textbooks after the school year is over. We are happy to have them, and they serve a valuable role in the marketplace.

But strategic bookselling is critical for those who make this their business... Read More...

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