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BookFinder.com Out-of-Print & In Demand Report 2012

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The books we see for sale at a local chain bookstore or purchase new online are a small fraction of the entirety of human print culture.  In fact, 98 to 99% of all books ever published are now out of print. These are the books featured in the BookFinder.com Report.
The BookFinder.com Report is issued every fall, and the 2012 edition marks the 10th anniversary of our tracking the most sought after out-of-print books in America.
Topping our anniversary list are the "big three" of out-of-print books which perennially find their way onto the BookFinder.com Report: Sex by Madonna, Rage by Richard Bachman (aka Stephen King), and Promise Me Tomorrow by Nora Roberts.  This year's list also marks the graduation of Marilyn by Norman Mailer, which after appearing in four straight Reports was finallyreprinted by Taschen last December.
Some of the out-of-print titles new to the BookFinder.com Report include:
Pure, White and Deadly ; the Problem of Sugar by John Yudkin
First published in 1972, Professor Yudkin’s book outlines his research showing that sugar and refined sweeteners are closely associated with heart disease and type 2 diabetes. The book has shot back into demand after being highly praised in Robert Lustig’s lecture “Sugar: The Bitter Truth” which enjoyed YouTube viral success.  Yudkin’s book was reprinted in the UK in 2012 but remains out-of-print in the U.S.
Phoebe and the Hot Water Bottles by Linda Dawson
This juvenile fiction work has been out-of-print in America since 1979. It features a young girl who has millions of hot-water bottles and uses them to douse a blaze when her house catches fire. She receives a puppy for her efforts.
Big League Sales Closing Techniques by Les Dane
Les Dane has published several guides to sales techniques,  including this now out-of-print 1971 title. The guide reviews common scenarios found in sales, teaching would-be salesmen fundamental techniques for closing a deal.
Country Landscapes in Watercolor by John Blockley
Blockley demonstrates techniques of landscape and watercolor in this book which has been out-of-print since 1982.

Top 100 most sought after out-of-print books in 2012

2Stephen King (as Richard Bachman)Rage
3Nora RobertsPromise me Tomorrow
4Stephen KingMy Pretty Pony
5John YudkinPure, White and Deadly; the Problem of Sugar
6Kyle OnstottMandingo
7Johnny CashMan in Black
8Luigi SerafiniCodex Seraphinianus
9Nan Gilbert365 Bedtime Stories
10Alice StarmoreTudor Roses
11Cameron CroweFast Times at Ridgemont High
12Mary and Vincent PriceA Treasury of Great Recipes
13Ray BradburyDark Carnival
14Salvador Dali, illustratorThe Jerusalem Bible
15Lynne CheneySisters 
16H.Henry ThomasArithmetic Progress Papers
17Janet WoodsBeyond the Plough
18A.C.H. SmithLabyrinth: A Novel
19Ray GartonIn a Dark Place: The Story of a True Haunting
20Walt Kelly I Go Pogo
21Linda Dawson & Terry FurchgottPhoebe and the Hot Water Bottles
22Allen DruryAdvise and Consent
23Jean LarteguyThe Centurions
24J.R. HartleyFly Fishing: Memories of Angling Days
25Anna Elizabeth BennettLittle Witch
26W. ClawsonCollector's Guide to Colt .45 Service Pistols: models of 1911 and 1911a1 from 1911 to the end of production in 1945 complete military identification, including all contractors
27Jaś ElsnerReflections of Nero : culture, history & representation
28C.S. LewisThe Allegory of Love: A Study in Medieval Tradition
29Robert NathanThe Bishop's Wife
30Madeleine L'EngleIlsa
31Sarah BradfordReluctant King: The Life and Reign of George VI, 1895-1952
32Carl SaganMurmurs of Earth
33Ricky JayCards As Weapons
34Alan Raven and John RobertsBritish Battleships of World War Two: The Development and Technical History of the Royal Navy's Battleships and Battlecruisers from 1911 to 1946
35Clancy HollingBook of Indians
36Curtis RichardsHalloween
37Jay CronleyGood Vibes
38Charles FlatoThe Golden Book of the Civil War
39Dennis PotterTicket to Ride
40Elmer KeithHell, I Was There
41Ernest ColeHouse of Bondage
42Anne AlexanderThe Pink Dress
43Donald HamiltonThe Big Country
44R.P. HunnicuttStuart: A History of the American Light Tank
45Les DaneBig League Sales Closing Techniques
46David WhitfordA Payroll to Meet: A Story of Greed, Corruption, and Football at SMU
47Kate HolmesToo Good to be Threw
48Thomas CravenA Treasury of American Prints - A Selection of One Hundred Etchings and Lithogrphas by the Foremost Living American Artists
49Paul HoffmanTo Drop a Dime
50John BlockleyCountry Landscapes in Watercolor
51Mary KoniorCrochet lace : an illustrated guide to making crochet lace fabrics
52Cecil BeatonThe Glass of Fashion
53Arthur KoestlerThe Act of Creation
54 Ronald WelchBowman of Crecy
55Laura LondonThe Windflower
56Robert NathanThe Bishop's Wife
57Tom LeaThe King Ranch
58Milt TenopirThe assembly line
59Edward MatunasPractical Gunsmithing
60W Somerset MaughamTellers of Tales: 100 short stories from the United States, England, France, Russia and Germany
61Allan D RichterEve of the end
62Joseph ZbukvicMastering Atmosphere and Mood in Watercolor: the critical ingredients that turn paintings into art
63Ben BovaThe Star Conquerors
64David WilliamsSecond Sight
65John HarrisCovenant with death
66Nicholas GuildThe Blood Star
67Truda Williams McCoy; Leonard RobertsMcCoys: their story as told to the author by eye witnesses and descendants
68John BlaineThe Magic Talisman
69Barbara Newhall FollettThe House Without Windows
70David WilkersonThe Vision and Beyond, prophecies fulfilled and still to come
71Marie SimmonsPancakes A to Z
72Glen CookShe Is The Darkness
73Martin CaidinCyborg
74Harry Twyford PetersCurrier & Ives: Printmakers to the American People
75Laura BannonThe Wonderful Fashion Doll
76Paul GallicoJennie (or The Abandoned)
77Watt PiperThe Bumper Book; a Harvest of Stories and Verses
78James Virgil HoweThe Modern Gunsmith : a guide for the amateur and professional gunsmith in the design and construction of firearms, with practical suggestions for all who like guns
79Kyle OnstottDRUM
80John D. GreenBirds of Britain
81Polan BanksCarriage Entrance
82Charles ThomsonThe Septuagint Bible
83Don GrafBasic Building Data: 10,000 Timeless Construction Facts 
84John CageNotations
85Ruth OrbachApple Pigs
86Alexei GutnovThe Ideal Communist City
87J. Jason GrantCoal
88Henry W. SimonA Treasury of Grand Opera
89Jack S. LevyWar in the Modern Great Power System, 1495-1975
90Doyle C. BarnesOur Journey in the Life
91Peter NewmarkApproaches to translation
92Kyle Onstott & Lance HomerThe Black Sun
93Jan WolkersTurkish Delight
94Maisie MoscoAlmonds and Raisins
95John Thomas EdsonAlvin Fog, Texas ranger
96Hugh WoosleyBasic medical laboratory subjects
97Hansjurgen FettigHand and rod puppets : a handbook of technique
98Craig Shaw GardnerThe Lost Boys
99Norman Rockwell102 favorite paintings
100William Stuart LongThe Imperialists

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