Saturday, June 2, 2012

Continuing Research into the Question: Do People Still Read Books? & Other Related Literary Subjects & Statistics

Why do you enjoy reading? What percentage of your reading do you now do online versus hard-copy? 

These questions and many others have been swirling around my brain as of late and led to this post.

Some interesting links and threads... I'm beginning to research changing literacy rates in our country and around the globe... though just because folks can read, doesn't mean they do. Especially when we are constantly bombarded by signage and messages throughout the course of a normal day in society. Without picking up a book, we are subjected to noticing, reading, and processing a vast amount of data, and a lot of it in relatively new formats. 

I read a piece recently about someone who took an amateur survey and just started asking folks to see their digital libraries on their e-readers and pads, and folks would initially claim to read on them and have books... but upon closer inspection a shocking number of libraries were empty, or contained only newspapers and magazines. For shame... I kind of loathe the damn things, and I've still read several books electronically.

After getting bored of my Kindle I just loaded it chock-full of survivalist manuals, .pdfs and apocalyptic reference material of all ilks and crammed it into a 5 gallon bucket with my emergncy gear. Voila! I'll be able to hand-crank charge the sucker and read for a month, educating myself for self-reliance after the bombs drop! :)

If anyone has any interesting book recommendations or little snippets of knowledge, shoot 'em my way, as we're planning on publishing a little pamphlet at Last Word Press eventually on the subject. Send info ATTN: SKY COSBY to and thanks! - Do Young People Still Read Books thread from Prison Planet. Do People Still Read Books Anymore? thread from Yahoo. -

Young people reading a lot less - Report laments the social costs from

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