Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dutchsinse, and other useful weather and earthquake links

From our guest contributor, Judith Cosby, also known as "Mom"... Thanks Mom!

I've been a dutchsinse fan since early April. I check his site at least two times every day. Also, of course, USGS (united states geologic survey) and PNSN (pacific northwest seismic network), NOAA, intellicast, wunderground & wondermap, and accuweather, along with Reality Check: Nuclear News Now (for Fukushima and Fort Calhoun and Los Alamos) --and and also the Corps of Engineers site at for water levels at the dams on the Missouri River. Also Arnie Gunderson's videos at (the "e" is important), and of course, Democracy Now, Russia Today (RT news), Spiegel Online (Germany), NHK (Japan), BBC, Al Jazeera (AJ is strangely totally silent on Nebraska and Arizona--news blackout with them just like with MSM USA-- hmmm), Christian Science Monitor is excellent, thoughtful, and articulate, Democratic Underground, enenews, legitgov, Daily Kos,, (two Ts) . . I think that's most of the best ones. . . Japan Quake Map of course, oh, and if you don't know about it yet, check out IRIS--global earthquake graphics! And just for fun, as a break from earthquakes, rampant fires, rising rivers and disaster news, I periodically go to Cloud Appreciation check out "undulous asperatus"-- the "new" clouds (actually have been around for at least the last two years) but they're also a significant "uptick" recently-- they are spectacular! Eerie, unreal, sometimes scary, but also awesome and beautiful.

Weather Channel sucks. Fox News is an absolute outrage of pablum and propaganda, misdirection & disinformation. msnbc, etc., is mostly crap and distraction and silly celebrity news. General Electric owns 49% of NBC (and thus msnbc), and Westinghouse is a major corporate presence at CBS, I believe, and guess who manufactured all these nuclear reactors???
So I guess it should be no surprise that MOST of what is going on is NOT reported anywhere on American MSM. -- It's quite the little research project I've been involved in, now for four months. I have massive notes. You'd be really proud.

Dutchsinse is right about the "uptick" -- Did you know that Thursday, July 14th, there were

39 74 earthquakes just in the Virgin Islands alone? (M 2.5 - 4.0) --And yesterday (July 15th) there were 22 significant quakes along the entire west coast of South and North America ! !

From Chile's M 6.0; to Argentina 4.3, border of Chile and Bolivia 5.3; Baja 4.1 and 3.5; Southern California M3, 2.8, 3.1, and 3.0; Los Angeles 2.5; San Francisco 3.3; Northern California 2.6 and 2.5; Oregon 2.2; Washington 3.2 & 2.2, one on top of the other about 30 miles N.E. of Everett; and then southern Alaska, central Alaska, (was northern Alaska in there? Can't remember, and I still don't know how to pull up two pages side-by-side or flip back and forth between selected pages) anyway,
Alaska & the Aleutian Islands: 3.8, 2.9, 3.1, 4.0, 2.7, 2.8, and a 3.5 ***.(That's 23, so I guess one of those Alaskan ones was after midnight--24:00 Co-ordinated Universal Time and thus the 16th) But anyway, WOW. -- Not to mention the entire other half of the Ring of Fire, which is lit up like Las Vegas on acid with even more and even bigger EQs.

About the time you get here Monday night, or maybe the next day or two (July 19/20) Typhoon Ma-On (winds 132 mph with gusts to 161 mph, and with snow in the center (in July!) may be hitting southern Japan. Poor Japan.

"May you live in interesting times" is beginning to look like the understatement of the century.

Meanwhile, in Walla Wonderland, the earth doesn't move under our feet, and we have had a beautiful (albeit late) spring, and by and large wonderful weather. Looks pretty calm and safe to me, especially compared with most everywhere else. Roses are in bloom.

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