Thursday, January 22, 2009

Visit Our New Website!

New Things For Earthlight Books:

We're swamped, as usual, with books.

Our new website is up and running, check it out!


It includes the majority of our online inventory and will eventually include our in-store bestsellers and favorites as well.

My valiant, dedicated father saved the roof, and all of Earthlight Books underneath it, this winter, from the terrible snows and ices of Eastern Wash.

New book sales slowed considerably this year, but we saw a rise in used book sales that helped make up for the downturn. Luckily the old maxim rings true in times of trouble, books and booze always do well.

Online sales are up substantially, as folks seem to have more time to read and less willingness to drive to the store (any store).

Still trying to knit the bones of this empire together in a constructive, supportive way that will allow us to survive for many more moons and keep our loved ones well fed and well read!

Thanks for your continued patronage! Thanks to those who have linked to our new site already! I will try to keep up, but if you'd like to trade links please let us know.

-Sky, Webmaster and C.E.O. Extraordinaire

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