Sunday, August 12, 2007

Illahee Resort Bad Business For Walla Walla

Okay, so most of this is my own opinion I suppose, except for the links that is, but this just rings all wrong to me, as an intelligent human being who loves and supports local community and local economy. I mean come on, an out-of-town development corporation comes in, low-bids a chunk of land right next to our water supply, gets a cheaper price than any local residents, sells the first home to the Port Commissioner and wants to start some bourgeois
golf course for out-of-town wine snobs?

There's gotta be a better way to take their money and keep it in our town. Don't they read anything other than books on wine or art? Don't they shop at Earthlight? Don't they realize how cool we are already, without them? Granted, those books do cost a fair deal of money and we do like their money, but why sell out our land and water to another company from another state when we could capitalize on the scenario sustainably and locally and reap a higher percentage of the profits while we personally improve our own amazing town? We have so much history, why spend our heritage in some other store when we have our own silos to fill and share with our neighbors. And ya know what? I just don't wanna look at it every time I drive to my family's cabin that was built in 1919. Plain and simple. Just the way we like it?

Here's some old articles I found, plus one new one. Sorry if any of the info is wrong now, I've just been pissed for awhile and stockpiling ammo. Sometimes, if the revolution takes a spell or two, the ammo gets rusty, or the spell fails to be cast.

Walla Walla 2020's website

Walla Walla 2020 keeps eye on area - this one's actually good news, I guess, especially since the UB printed it!

New Golf Project Slated For Walla Walla

Jacobsen Hardy to Commence Work on Walla Walla Course

‘Don’t Bend Walla Walla,’ locals argue

Walla Walla doesn't want to be like Bend

The Town That Doesn't Want to Bend: Walla Walla citizens see Bend as a model of how not to grow

Here's Abito's Website

more to follow, thanks for staying tuned over the tedious months

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